What is IGF-1?

IGF-1 is short for insulin-like growth factor-1. But what is it?

First of all, most IGF-1 is produced in the liver and is a lipid (fatty acid based) molecule. It's production is triggered by growth hormone. There is a direct correlation between growth hormone and IGF-1. In fact, growth hormone is measured by IGF-1, not growth hormone itself. Why? Because growth hormone release is pulsatile so levels fluctuate making it hard to measure accurately, but the resulting IGF-1 is stable for hours. If you are tested and find you have high levels of IGF-1, you also know you have, or recently had, high levels of growth hormone. And the opposite is also true, low levels of GH, low levels of IGF-1.
IGF-1 enables the anabolic process. It make the environment ripe for growth. It increases blood flow. It delivers energy. It brings nutrients into the area for growth or repair. Testosterone, on the other hand, works through DNA. It initiates a process known as DNA transcription which means it copies or duplicates the DNA of an existing muscle cell so the copy can be used in a new forming muscle cell. Testosterone is the male hormone that initiates male traits and muscle is definitely a male trait.

If you have high levels of testosterone but low levels of IGF-1, building muscle will be a very slow process. And if you have high IGF-1 and low testosterone, the same is true.

There you have it. IGF-1 and testosterone work together. One without the other is futile! So maximize both with MGF-1 and Andro GOLD.