Further Information:
As mentioned on the opening page, bodybuilding places a huge demand on the body. Lots of muscle stress and muscle breakdown that has to be repaired and then, made stronger by synthesizing new muscle tissue and adding it to what's already there. This is the core of bodybuilding.
The body can have a hard time keeping up with that demand. So a lot of bodybuilders choose to help things along by taking synthetic substances that replace the natural ones that aren't keeping up. Of course, this practice is illegal, but quite common. And it can cause health issues later in life as well. 

Muscle Valley formulas offer middle ground by helping the body make more of its own natural biochemicals that it can't normally do on its own. MGF-1 and Tribolistan are not replacing, but increasing the amount of natural GH/IGF-1 and testosterone.

Try our formulas out before resorting to "the hard stuff". We believe you'll be very satisfied with the outcome. Good luck.