What is IGF-1?
IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor 1. IGF-1 is essential for building muscle. It's produced mainly in the liver from a response to growth hormone. There is a direct correlation between the amount of growth hormone released into the blood stream and the amount of IGF-1 produced in the liver. In fact, determining how much growth hormone you have is measured by how much IGF-1 you have since growth hormone itself is very hard to measure due to its random pulsatile release. But after GH is released, IGF-1 stays stable for hours which makes it fairly easy to measure.

IGF-1 and testosterone work together to build new muscle tissue. IGF-1 is necessary for building or repairing or duplicating of all tissues in the body. Muscle is no exception. Since muscle is a male trait, testosterone also has to be present in adequate amounts to build muscle tissue. The MGF-1 formula is developed especially to aid in the process of building new muscle tissue by maximizing GH and testosterone levels. Its proprietary blend of aminos and herbs creates the necessary physiological environment for building muscle. All you have to do is add sweat. The harder you work, the harder MGF-1 works for you.
PS. Growth hormone has other benefits too. It also aids in the burning of fat and helps repair all organs and injuries. GH is the most abundant hormone the body makes. It is a protein metabolite comprised of 191 protein-peptide chains. It is the largest molecule in the body.


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Muscle Growth Factor 1


Make sure the hormones necessary 
for building muscle are at optimal levels.
That's exactly what MGF-1 does.