Optimizing your muscle-building hormone levels is a strategic part of the formula for creating a well-chiseled and strong physique. But there are other things you have to do.

1. You have to have a sufficient amount of protein. Whether you get it from food sources or a cannister, make sure you get enough and at the right times of the day. Very important to get 25-35 grams about a half hour after your workout. And also periodically throughout the day.

2. You have to have energy for your workout. This is where it gets a little tricky when also trying to optimize hormone levels. It's best to take Andro GOLD on an empty stomach about 2 hours before your workout. When it's taken on an empty stomach, your hormone output will be much greater. After an hour or so after taking product, go ahead and consume your carbs because now, the protein metabolizing hormone has been released into the bloodstream and the release of insulin needed to metabolize carbs will not interfere with that release. 

3. Got to have adequate vitamins, minerals, sleep, water. Everything works together. Any shortages anywhere in the machine (body) and the task will be much harder.

4. Vitamin C will help control cortisol levels as a result of a serious workout. Take 1000 mgs with your carbs before your workout.


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