"I have studied many of the products that have come out on the market since 1989, and none have shown to be a valid releaser of growth hormone or any other hormone that could assist in building muscle and aiding recuperation without major potential side effects. I've been lifting weights for over
20 years now, so I have a pretty good idea when something has an impact on my training program. I started taking this formula in Dec 2011 at a body weight of 270 lbs, 16% body-fat, or 224 lbs of lean muscle. After the first month I retested; body weight 276, 13% body-fat, 241 lbs lean muscle. At the beginning of Feb, the second full month; body weight 278, 10% body-fat and 247 lbs of lean muscle.
In addition, my 1 rep max bench press jumped 17% and 1rm squat jumped 23%. I wish I could say I made major changes in my diet or sleep pattern during this time, but I didn't. I sleep 4-5 hours per night and ate pretty much whatever I wanted, including late nights of cookies and ice cream, fried foods and
pizza. At 44 yrs of age, I've been experiencing mild hair loss as well as strands of gray. Since taking MV stuff the hair is growing and the gray is disappearing. I am not an easy sell, but Tribolistan has made a believer out of me. I know of no other product that, given my situation, would have benefitted me the way this product has."

Calvin Blair Jr. C.S., M.S., Houston, Tx.

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